Increase your impact and influence with our interactive training courses...


Our training courses focus on business communication.  Whether you need help to develop client contact plans, create compelling marketing material, deliver fantastic presentations or pitches, or improve impact and influence, we have a course that is right for you.




Great communication doesn’t just happen - it has to be planned and prioritised. This one day workshop covers all elements of communication planning to provide you with practical tips to create successful communications that lead to real results.







Being able to create impactful documents is vital for business professionals who need to convey information, sell ideas, influence decisions and direct required actions. Drawing from best practice in business writing, journalism, copywriting and content marketing, this two day workshop provides the professional with toolkits to produce winning proposals, stand-alone reports and other written documents







Presentations offer a fantastic opportunity to reach, influence and make connections with an audience. This two day workshop will help you to deliver presentations that pack a powerful punch. Putting into practice the behaviours of great presenters this course will build confidence in your delivery style and your ability to inspire an audience.







The delivery of a presentation is not the end of the communication journey, it is the springboard that enables further conversations about how the audience will use the information or ideas to make a decision or take action. This one day masterclass is designed to provide delegates with hands on experience of facilitating a dialogue with the audience that leads to a desired outcome.