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Do you want to learn from other research, data and insight professionals that have made an impact? Do you want access to shortcuts, practical advice and inspirational ideas? Insight Narrator offers free reports based on interviews with experts across our industry.



Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards

Head of Brand Insight at Tesco


An interview with Chris Edwards, Head of Brand Insight at Tesco, on how their team are meeting their vision to provoke and inspire.


Download "Journey to Provoke & Inspire"


Alex Alder

Alex Alder

Customer Insights Director at Barclays


An interview with Alex Alder, Customer Insights Director at Barclays, on how their team are developing their advisory capabilities.


Download "From Providers to Business Advisors"


Dr Anuschka Muller

Dr Anuschka Muller

Head of Performance & Intelligence

West Sussex County Council


An interview with Dr Anuschka Muller, Head of Performance & Intelligence at West Sussex County Council, on how storytelling drastically altered how data is perceived and used


Download "The Silence of the Board"

Mark Hirst

Engagement Director

Chime Insight & Engagement


An interview with Mark Hirst and Crispin Beale from Chime Insight & Engagement, on the commercial need to engage businesses with information.


Download "The Commercial Need to Engage Business with Information"






Martin Lee

Branding Specialist

Acacia Avenue


An interview with Martin Lee, co-founder of Acacia Avenue, on the power of storytelling.


Download "The Power of Storytelling"







Lucy Davison

Managing Director

Keen as Mustard


An interview with Lucy Davison, Managing Director of Keen as Mustard, on how to add flavour to your B2B marketing content. 


Download "Bring Out the Flavour"






Neil Gains

Behavioural Scientist



An interview with Neil Gains, founder of TapestryWorks on how to feed your creativity.



Download "Feed your creativity"






James Wycherley

Director of Customer Analysis

Barclays Bank

An interview with James Wycherley, Director of Customer Analysis at Barclays Bank, on the art of business communication



Download "The art of business communication"








Matt Baron

Global Insight Consultant

Kantar Worldpanel


An interview with Matt Baron, Global Insight Consultant at Kantar Worldpanel, on humanising data



Download "Humanising data"





Richard Saunders

Associate Consultant



An interview with Richard Saunders, ex-Heineken, Reckitt Benkiser and Boots marketer, on the integrated approach to communication




Download "The Integrated Approach"





Kate Scally

Head of Marketing & Communication, Mail Newspapers

DMG Media


An interview with Kate Scally, Head of Marketing & Communications. Mail Newspapers at DMG Media, on the rise of content cynicism





Download "How to avoid content cynicism"






Andrew Mosely



An interview with Andrew Mosely, Director, Metapraxis on the use of content as an enabler for business planning





Download "Content as a business enabler"